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Deep inside your Subaru engine, where combustion takes place and rapidly-moving parts generate a ton of heat while the engine makes its power, the head gasket plays a critical role. This gasket keeps oil, coolant and engine combustion gasses separate from one another. With this gasket in place, oil lubricates the moving parts, coolant pulls heat away from the engine and combustion occurs smoothly.

However, the head gasket can blow if it experiences excessive stress. If this happens, the engine can begin to overheat, can begin burning oil or coolant and the engine may even begin to misfire. This is a critical engine failure that must be professionally addressed. Once the head gasket has failed, your Subaru will be unsafe to drive! Instead, trust the professional service team at Carter Subaru Ballard to get you back on the road again. We can repair your engine correctly, and keep you going for thousands of miles to come.

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Why does my Head Gasket Need to be Repaired?

If the head gasket has failed in your engine, you're likely to notice a number of symptoms. Your engine may begin to idle roughly if the gasket has failed between two cylinders. Since each cylinder cannot hold onto its ideal compression, you may also notice misfires. More commonly, engine overheating, a white smoke from the tailpipe and a smell of burning oil can also indicate a possible head gasket failure.

When the head gasket fails, oil can begin to leak or mix with engine coolant, coolant can begin to leak into the combustion chambers, or the engine could begin to burn oil. In short, it's bad news. Left unaddressed, an engine with a failed head gasket will quickly overheat and fail altogether. If you're able to turn the engine off quickly when it begins to overheat, you can potentially save the engine from severe damage. You can then have it towed to our service department for a long-term repair.

How Soon Should I Have my Blown Head Gasket Repaired?

Remember: An engine that's operating when it overheats will rapidly sustain major damage. In a matter of minutes, overheating aluminium parts can actually melt and fuse together - rendering the engine useless. Be sure to have a vehicle serviced immediately if you notice engine overheating or you suspect a failed head gasket.

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