What To Do if Your Subaru Stops Running While Driving - Fuel System Service Information in Seattle, WA

There are several reasons your vehicle might stop running while you're driving. Perhaps it ran out of fuel, or maybe there's a battery or alternator problem. It could even be due to faulty spark plugs. However, there's one constant: suddenly losing power on the road is a frightening experience. We hope you never have to experience it. However, if you do, these four steps will help you stay as safe as possible.

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4. Steer to the Side of the Road

This may be easier said than done, but it is possible. If you're driving at higher speeds when the engine dies, you can rely on solid coasting for a time. However, be warned that you will lose power steering--and after a few applications, you'll lose power brakes, as well. This will make steering to the side of the road trickier, so be aware that it will take more physical exertion. If the power brakes are gone and you're still having trouble slowing down, use the emergency brake.

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3. Turn On the Emergency Lights

Your safety is a top priority. If you've successfully steered to the side of the road, you've eliminated the danger of crashing into another vehicle. However, you still want to warn other vehicles that you're there, so they won't run into you. The emergency flashers give other drivers a heads up, letting them know that you're there and that they should take extra caution.

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2. Try to Restart the Engine

Depending on the problem, you might be able to get your engine to start again. If so, you can try driving to a safer area like a side street. However, don't be too confident: an engine that has died is still a serious problem, and will need to be looked at. If it stopped once, it can stop again. If you've decided to drive, don't go too far.

1. Call for Assistance

Whether the engine won't start again or you've decided not to risk driving further, you'll need a tow truck to take your vehicle to an authorized Subaru service center. The technicians there will inspect your vehicle to see what caused the problem.

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