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Walking up to your Subaru car or SUV only to find broken glass and missing items is more than just frightening and upsetting: it's deeply unnerving. In situations like this where emotions run high, it can be hard to remember just what to do. Carter Subaru Ballard is here to help: here are six steps to follow after someone has broken into your car and stolen something only to leave you wondering "What should I do?"

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1. Notify the Police

This is the first step you should take. Even if the thief has left the scene, the police should know so that they can file a report, look for clues, and be on the alert for a thief. Do this before taking any other steps. If you're not in immediate danger, the non-emergency number is a good option; however, if you suspect that the thief is still nearby, call 911.

2. Take Pictures of the Scene

Though the police may do this as well, it's a good idea to take photos of the crime scene: your vehicle. Don't move anything around until the police have arrived. Taking pictures can help with insurance claims, and it will be good to have a reference. Make sure you get pictures of all the damage, as well as the areas surrounding your vehicle.

What should you do if someone breaks into your Subaru

3. Notify Bank if Necessary

Leaving your credit card, checks, or other financial information in your vehicle isn't a good idea. However, if you have personal information that thieves could use to steal your identity or spend your money, it's best to alert your bank. This way, they can keep an eye out for suspicious purchases.

4. Consider Filing an Insurance Claim

This one is an action that you should consider before you decide how to act. If your vehicle has comprehensive coverage, you will likely be reimbursed for any damage your vehicle has suffered from a break-in. Your renters or homeowners insurance may cover stolen items. However, depending on how expensive repairs are, it might be better to pay out of pocket. Not only is there a possibility that the damages would be less expensive than the deductible, but reporting that your vehicle has been broken into may cause your premiums to go up. Do the math on this one before deciding the best course of action.

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5. Have Your Vehicle Repaired

While repairs might seem expensive, a vehicle that's been broken into and not repaired is at greater risk of being broken into again. A window covered with cardboard or plastic is more than just bad for visibility: it's also an invitation. Only this time, the thief might decide to just take your whole vehicle instead of a few items.

6. Make Theft-Deterrent Choices in the Future

A vehicle can be broken into anywhere, regardless of how careful you are. That being said, there are steps you can take to make your vehicle less attractive. Consider your parking spot: make sure it's well-lit, visible, and clear of easy hiding places. Make sure that your windows are closed and your doors are locked. And, perhaps most importantly, don't keep valuables in your Subaru--or, if you do, make sure they're out of sight. Many car break-ins are crimes of opportunity: a thief will see something he likes and break into your vehicle to get it. There's no sure way to always prevent break-ins, but these steps can make your vehicle a less attractive target.

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