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Seven Signs Something May Be Wrong With Your Transmission

The transmission in your Subaru vehicle is a complex piece of engineering--whether it's manual or automatic. Subaru vehicles are known for their high quality; however, even a vehicle as great as a Subaru can have transmission troubles. The good news is that there are some common signs that something may be wrong with the transmission in your Subaru. Keep reading to learn more.

7. Burning Smell

Let's be honest: a burning smell coming from your vehicle is never a good sign. While there are many possible symptoms, an overheating transmission could be one of them. But whatever the cause is, you should have your vehicle looked at right away.

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6. Fluid Leak

The transmission in your Subaru is sealed. This means that if it's leaking transmission fluid, something is wrong. Transmission fluid can be a variety of colors, from bright red to a more brown color. While any fluid leak should be investigated, checking the color can at least give you an idea of whether the transmission might be the problem.

5. Shifting is Difficult or Rough

This problem can be seen in both manual and automatic transmissions. While it may be easier to notice difficulty shifting if you're using a standard, an automatic transmission may sometimes make a noticeable noise during a difficult shift, or you may not have as much power as you're getting up to speed.

4. Your Vehicle Won't Go Into Gear

Since the transmission is responsible for the various gears necessary to drive your vehicle, a failure to get your ride in gear is most likely a transmission issue. Safety features like a shift lock solenoid can be responsible for not getting the vehicle in gear, and that's an easy fix. However, difficulty getting into the next gear when driving is probably a more involved problem with the transmission.

3. Delayed Engagement

This is yet another telltale sign of transmission trouble. Delayed engagement means that there is a pause between when the vehicle engages and when movement starts. The engine may rev for a few seconds before the vehicle starts moving, and it may lurch when it does move.

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2. Slipping

When an automatic transmission slips, it's hard not to notice. It can feel like your vehicle suddenly lacks the power it had before. Similarly, it may feel like the gears change when they shouldn't, and the engine may start making high-pitched noises.

1. Check Engine Light

A transmission problem is not the only thing that will make your vehicle's Check Engine Light illuminate--but if the transmission is in trouble, it will most likely trip this light. It's always good to get this light checked out, but especially if you've noticed any of the aforementioned problems.

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