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Brake service is a standard part of owning a vehicle, but what is it that you're paying for when you get a 'brake job' at your local mechanic shop, and what should you know about the brake system? For starters, we think you'll be best served when you have an authorized dealership service center take care of any brake service and maintenance your vehicle may need. If you drive a Subaru, our service center at Carter Subaru Ballard has prices that are competitive with independent mechanic shops and franchise tune-up chains. Below, we discuss six things we think you should know about the brake system in your vehicle so you'll have an idea of what to expect when you show up at the service center.

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6. Don't Forget About Your Brake Lights

When you think about keeping the brakes on your Subaru maintained, you likely think first of the brake pads. We'll get to those a little further down the list, but we want to remind you of the importance of the brake lights. Occasionally, have a friend, family member, or neighbor look at your vehicle while you cycle through all the exterior lights, including the brake lights, to ensure everything is working. If not, it only takes a few minutes for the experts in our service center to replace a burned out light bulb on your Subaru.

5. Do You Need to Change the Brake Fluid?

There's a good chance that you've had your vehicle in for service and been told that the brake fluid needs to be replaced. Unfortunately, this service is often sold to those who don't yet need it, but this isn't to say that you won't eventually need to have the brake fluid replaced. The best way to avoid paying for this service before it's due is to only trust a factory-authorized service center like ours at Carter Subaru Ballard. When you arrive, speak with a service adviser to determine a set maintenance schedule, including a brake fluid flush, that meets your specific needs.

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4. How Long Will the Brake Rotors Last?

Today, cars are built with disc brakes on the front. These work on a hydraulic system that clamps brake pads to a rotor that's attached to the wheel. If inspected and maintained properly, your brake system shouldn't need new rotors for a good long while. However, if you allow the pads to wear down too far, frequently brake hard, or have to make an emergency stop at speed, the rotors can become warped or otherwise damaged. If you press the brake pedal and feel a vibration in the pedal or the entire vehicle, there's a chance that you may need new rotors. Often, we can simply resurface the rotor, but if the damage is too severe, they'll need replacement.

3. Replace the Brake Pads Before They Wear All the Way Down

This is really at the heart of good brake maintenance. You see, the brake pads provide the friction necessary to stop a vehicle that weighs thousands of pounds. The pads are up to the task, but they won't last forever. Today, most brake pads have a small tab on them that will squeal against the rotor before the last of the pad material is used. However, it's better to get new brake pads before this tab reaches the brake rotor, and that's where regular brake inspections come in.

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2. Make Sure Your Anti-Lock Brake System (ABS) is Always Working

In our authorized service center, we occasionally see the need to service and repair the ABS system. While we wouldn't consider this a matter of maintenance, anti-lock brakes are hugely important for safety on today's roads. This system often works with wheel speed sensors (the same that help operate the traction control) and addressing an ABS dash light is usually a simple matter of replacing the sensor that went bad.

1. Prevention is Key to Avoiding Brake Problems

If you trust your vehicle to the experts at an authorized dealership service center, you shouldn't have anything to worry about. Part of scheduled maintenance includes multi-point inspections that will catch when brake pads are running low, the cause of any dash lights, and the quality of the brake fluid. With this level of expert care, maintaining your brakes should be a simple matter of having new pads installed every few years and changing the brake fluid even less often.

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