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The last time you were in the service center for an oil change, you may have been asked if you wanted synthetic or conventional engine oil. Aside from the price, what's the difference and which one should you use in your vehicle? Below, we look at some of the differences between synthetic and conventional oil and some things to consider when deciding what to use in your vehicle's engine. If you have any questions, please reach out to the certified experts in our authorized service center. While we specialize in all things Subaru, we're happy to help you better understand and care for your vehicle no matter what brand it is.

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5. Synthetic Oil in Cold Environments

One of the reasons that synthetic oil is more expensive than conventional oil is because it works better. The refining process of synthetic oil is far more involved than that of conventional oil, but the result is that synthetic oil flows better when it's cold out. Consider that the many moving metal parts in your engine need constant lubrication no matter what the temperature is. When conventional oil is especially cold, it is thicker and will take longer to flow through the engine. Synthetic oil flows much better in the cold.

4. Synthetic Sticks Around Better in Hot Conditions

Even in the cold, gas-powered engines generate a lot of heat, so it won't take long for the oil to get hot. In these conditions, conventional oil becomes thin and won't remain on the parts as well. Synthetic oil, by contrast, maintains a better viscosity at higher temperatures. That means it will remain on hot metal engine parts better for improved protection.

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3. Synthetic Oil Lasts Longer Than Conventional Oil

Regular engine oil changes are an important part of basic automotive maintenance. You won't be able to avoid this with synthetic oil, but you can delay it in relation to the changing of conventional oil. That's because synthetic oil is chemically engineered to break down at a slower rate than conventional oil. While it lasts longer, synthetic oil is also better at removing dust, debris, and other deposits found in the engine.

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2. Switching to Synthetic Oil is Easy

When it was first introduced, synthetic oil contained things that weren't necessarily good for the seals in the engine and it didn't always work well with any conventional that remained in the system. Fortunately, synthetic oil has come a long way and switching is now as easy as a basic oil and filter change. The benefits of synthetic oil are so significant, that many modern Subaru models now require it in their engines.

1. Should You Use Synthetic in Older Vehicles?

When we say older vehicles, we're talking about those that have been around for 30 years or longer. Engines built back then were quite different from today's vehicles, and it's worth doing a little homework before putting synthetic oil in them. You see, the seals in these engines weren't as tight and have likely aged quite a bit. Sometimes, introducing these to synthetic oil can cause problems. We recommend speaking with a certified technician, who you'll find in our authorized service center at Carter Subaru Ballard, and discuss whether you should stick with conventional oil in your old car.

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