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Aw, rats! Rats and other rodents have been considered pests of the highest order for centuries. Today in the Seattle area, we deal with mice, squirrels and the infamous Norway Rat. They eat animal and people food supplies, build nasty nests and -- believe it or not -- they'll even eat the wiring in your car!

Prevent rodents from chewing your wires with these tips from Carter Subaru Ballard

Luckily, modern man has plenty of tools at our disposal to keep them away from our cars and the wire insulation they seem to find so tasty. In fact, modern cars may be even more appealing to hungry rodents, thanks to the introduction of plant-based wire insulation that's made from soy.

To help you out, we've compiled these four handy tips for preventing rats from chewing on your car wires. Give them a try the next time you spot a rat making a meal of your vehicle.

Learn how to keep rodents from your Subaru's wires

Pro Tip #4: Repel Rats with Mothballs

This is probably the fastest and cheapest solution to this particular problem. Mothballs are relatively non-toxic to humans, but pests like bugs and rodents don't like them one bit. We recommend scattering a handful around where you park your car, as well as some right under the engine bay, to discourage rats from dining there. If you don't like the smell or the chemicals in mothballs, there are other commercially available pest repellants specifically designed to deter rodents.

Pro Tip #3: Scare Them Off with Sound Waves

To keep gophers and other burrowing animals away from your garden, there are products that emit an ultrasonic sound that most humans can't hear but which the gophers can. This sound frightens the gophers away -- and similar products can be installed right in the engine bay of your car. They'll emit a sound that won't bother you, but it sure will bother any wildlife hoping to score a snack under your hood. If you have pets, be sure any product you use to repel pests is safe to use around them. You may not want to use a sound generator for the sake of Fido.

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Pro Tip #2: Make use of Mesh

The rats can't eat the wiring under the hood of your car if they can't get into the engine bay in the first place. If you're dealing with a serious rodent problem, consult with one of our technicians about having wire mesh installed to protect your car's delicate wiring. This mesh can block openings like vents and hood scoops and prevent rats from entering the engine bay without compromising airflow.

Pro Tip #1: The Tail of the Tape

Now this solution seems extra clever to us. This product lets you kill two birds with one stone! Special rodent tape looks and feels just like ordinary electrical tape. First, if you identify rodent damage to wiring insulation under the hood, you can protect the damaged wires with this tape. It's what comes next that's special...

This tape is laced with a spicy kick of capsaicin -- the chemical that naturally occurs in hot peppers and gives spicy food its burn. Rats who return to chew on the wiring and find this tape will be in for an unpleasant surprise! The pests should get the message and leave your car alone after a taste of the tape.

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