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So, you've driven off the lot in a brand-new Subaru. Now it's time to see what it can do, right? Not so fast! Even though some breaking-in has been done at the factory, the reality is that, for the first 1,000 miles, there is a break-in procedure that you should follow in order to keep the engine healthy. Essentially, it's important to treat the engine gently at first. Subaru vehicles are designed for longevity--in fact, 97% of Subaru models sold within the past ten years are still on the road. Following these six tips for the first thousand miles is a great way to make sure your Subaru is among that 97%.

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6. Keep It Below 4,000 RPM

This is a tough one to follow, especially with a high-performing model like the Subaru WRX or the Subaru BRZ. However, it's best to keep the engine under 4,000 revolutions per minute for the first thousand miles. This helps the piston rings as they set, decreasing the chance of excessive oil burning later in your engine's life. In addition to not racing the engine, this also means that you should be careful with your downshifts.

5. Vary Your Speed

While you won't want to go too fast, be sure that your driving isn't at a constant speed, either (this means no cruise control!). This helps the engine get comfortable with a variety of RPMs.

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4. Vary Your Routes

This is similar to number five: in addition to varying your speed, make sure that you're driving on a variety of roads. Both highway and city driving are important, and it will let you get your Subaru comfortable with a variety of road types.

3. Don't Accelerate Too Hard

Even if you don't exceed 4,000 RPM, sudden acceleration isn't good for your engine at first. It needs to be treated gently as it gets used to a variety of speeds, and changes that are too sudden may create looser fits for various components, leading to difficulty down the road.

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2. Avoid Sudden or Hard Braking

It's always good to avoid braking too hard or too suddenly; however, it's especially important during the break-in period. The brake components are still seating, which means that the pads and rotor are still creating a good fit with each other. Braking too hard could damage the braking system. If you do have to hit the brakes hard in an emergency to avoid a surprise, you're not likely to set back the break-in process for your Subaru.

1. Remember the Oil Change

An oil change is an essential part of an engine break-in. The manual that came with your new Subaru will tell you when you should get the first oil change. However, it's even better to get an earlier oil change halfway through the break-in period. It's hard to overstate the importance of this early stage of driving, so make sure that you give your Subaru every advantage.

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