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Like all automotive technologies, cruise control systems are getting more advanced year after year. Older systems can modulate the throttle automatically to maintain a speed that you can set, leaving you to steer and engage the brake as necessary -- and newer systems can even slow down, stop and speed up to follow the flow of traffic in a traffic jam. If anything breaks with these systems on your car, you might not be able safely enjoy this convenient feature. Visit Carter Subaru Ballard for a quality repair of your cruise control system!

Why did my cruise control stop working for my Subaru

On this page, we've identified four things that commonly go wrong with the cruise control systems on cars today. Read on to get an idea of what might need to be fixed on your car to get the cruise control working once again.

Reason #4: Bad Adaptive Cruise Control Sensor

Classic cruise control systems work a bit differently, but, if your car is equipped with Adaptive Cruise Control, it could stop working due to a bad sensor or camera.

Adaptive Cruise Control uses millimeter wave sensors, cameras or a combination of both to monitor the traffic ahead of your car. As the car in front of you changes speed, the sensors send that information to the engine computer. The car can then slow down or accelerate automatically to maintain a set following distance from the vehicle ahead of you. If one of those sensors or cameras malfunction, the ACC system will stop working. You'll want to have a factory-trained technician take a closer look at this ultra-sophisticated system.

Cruise control issues for your Subaru and how to fix them

Reason #3: Throttle Linkage Break

On old-school cruise control systems, the cruise control actuator manipulates the throttle directly through a cable linkage. The system pulls on the cable to open the throttle whenever your speed falls below the speed that you set. If that cable breaks, the system won't actually be able to adjust your speed. Replacing the cable and hooking it up properly should get your cruise control system working well once again.

Reason #2: Actuator Vacuum Leak

The cruise control actuator on traditional cruise control systems works through the use of a vacuum. By that we don't mean the thing you use to clean your carpets and scare your dog -- we mean a space devoid of air that creates suction. If the diaphragm inside the cruise control actuator springs a leak, air will get inside and the system won't be able to hold a vacuum. That means your cruise control won't work until the actuator can be replaced.

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Reason #1: Bad Vehicle Speed Sensor

Of course, in order to know how to adjust the throttle, the cruise control system needs to know how fast you're already going. The vehicle speed sensor attached to the transmission measures your vehicle's forward speed -- but speed sensors can go bad. In fact, if the transmission speed sensor malfunctions on your car, not only will the cruise control stop working, but you could experience other problems like the speedometer not working or even problems with the ABS system.

Replacing a speed sensor is a common procedure in our service center at Carter Subaru in Ballard. No matter what's gone wrong with your cruise control, our technicians will be able to fix it and fix it right the first time.

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