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One of the great joys of driving is cranking up the stereo and listening to your favorite tunes as you sail down the highway -- and if you're stuck in traffic, catching up on the local news and sports events of the day with the radio sure helps pass the time. Without it, you're sure to endure a boring, silent commute.

Reasons why Subaru's stereo stopped working

Let us fix your faulty car radio at the Carter Subaru service center in Ballard! We've got the skill and the tools to diagnose and repair your car stereo's problem, including the tools necessary to remove delicate trim pieces properly. The interior of your Subaru could be damaged if you have work done on the audio system anywhere but an authorized Subaru dealer!

To give you an idea of what's in store when you visit, we've compiled a list of five common problems your car stereo might have, and five of the most common reasons why. That said, the electronics of your car are extremely complex, and problems can arise for a variety of reasons. Your best bet is to visit Carter Subaru Ballard for an expert repair the next time your car radio is on the fritz.

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Problem: The Stereo Has No Power and Won't Turn On

Potential Cause: The most likely cause for a car that runs fine, but the stereo won't turn on at all, is a blown fuse. If the fuse connected to the car stereo has blown, the circuit will be incomplete and power simply can't reach the head unit (the part of the stereo in the center console). Replacing the blown fuse or bad relay will probably get the stereo working again. However, you may need a more significant repair. A blown fuse usually means there's a short in the system somewhere that could cause damage to the system down the road.

Problem: The Stereo Works, But the Radio Does Not

Potential Cause: if your CD player works, but the radio won't tune in your favorite station, you probably have an antenna problem. Most modern cars have the antenna integrated into the body or even the windshield glass -- but on older cars, the antenna may be a retractable unit that only extends when in use. Or it could be a removable unit that you can take off by simply unscrewing it. If your car is a little older, check to make sure your antenna is in place and extending properly. They can easily be broken or stolen by vandals or by accidently leaving them extended when entering a car wash.

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Problem: The Stereo Has Power, But there is No Sound

Potential Cause: If the head unit turns on, but won't make any noise from the speakers regardless of which input you select, you probably have a wiring problem. Specifically, if the wire to the back of the head unit comes loose, none of the speakers will receive a signal.

Additionally, if your car's audio works fine except one or more speakers aren't working, the wiring installed to the back of those speakers may have come loose. A professional will need to get behind the car's trim pieces to inspect the connection and fix it to ensure it stays in place.

Problem: The Stereo Has Power, But the Sound Cuts In and Out

Potential Cause: This can also be caused by loose wiring. As you drive along, bumps in the road can interrupt a loose connection, causing the sound from your speakers to cut out. To fix this, you'll want to have a technician take a close look at all your car's speaker wire to find a possible short or a loose connection.

Problem: The Sound Quality is Suddenly Poor

Potential Cause: A blown speaker will cause your stereo to sound muddy and lack clarity. Car stereo speakers can blow due to age or due to being driven too hard, for too long. Once the speaker is blown, it'll only produce a fuzzy, muddy version of the sound it's intending to recreate. Unfortunately, the only way to fix a blown speaker is to replace it with a new one.

You might also find that the background noise from the engine seems to get picked up by the stereo. If you notice the pitch of the background hum of the radio rises and falls along with the engine's RPM, that's called alternator whine. It occurs when a component of the audio system isn't properly grounded. To fix this, have one of our technicians test the system to isolate a weak ground connection. When they're done, the only thing coming through your stereo will be your favorite station, with crystal-clear quality.

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