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Sure, we don't have too many opportunities to roll down the windows and enjoy the sun during our Seattle-area commutes, but broken power windows can be frustrating -- and a major security hazard, too. Fortunately, you can get them fixed right at Carter Subaru Ballard! Our technicians have repaired tons of power windows before, and we're passing the benefits of our experience on to you. On this page, we've compiled the three most common reasons that power windows stop working on your car. Take a look at the examples below and visit our service center the next time your car's windows are in need of maintenance.

Why are my Subaru's power windows not working

#3: Your Power Windows are Broken Because the Regulator Motor Burned Out

Inside the door, you'll find a motor that physically moves the window up and down when you activate the window switch. If your car's a little on the older side, those motors may start to burn out -- especially on the driver's side, where accessing drive-thru ATMs and fast food joints means using that window more than the rest.

Fixing this problem means simply replacing the window regulator motor. That also means pulling off the interior door panel to access the "guts" of the door, then reinstalling it. This process can leave you with damaged door panels if the proper removal tools aren't used, so be sure to trust the dealership experts with this repair.

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#2: Your Power Windows are Broken Because the Window Disconnected from the Regulator Arm

The motor inside the door moves the regulator arm up and down along a track -- and the regulator arm is attached to the window glass itself. Over time, the bracket holding the glass to the metal arm can snap. The window will then be hanging loosely inside the door, and may not move when you activate the switch.

Just like before, this repair means pulling off the interior door panel. Once inside, our technicians will replace the entire window regulator assembly, so that the window glass can be attached to a brand-new regulator arm. Once it's been bolted in place and tested, the door panel goes back on and the problem is solved!

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#1: Your Power Windows are Broken Because the Power Windows Fuse has Blown

By far the most common issue we see in our service center when it comes to power windows is a blown fuse. Fuses are designed to "blow" and interrupt the flow of electricity through the system in the even of a sudden surge of electricity. This protects your car's fragile electronics. That means, if the power windows fuse has blown, the circuit is incomplete and needs a new fuse. Once the new fuse is installed, your windows should be back to working again!

However, a blown fuse typically means there's a problem somewhere in the system, like a ground fault or a short, causing the fuse to blow. You may find the replacement fuse also blows very quickly! In that case, you'll want a professional to perform a full diagnostic on the whole electrical system to identify problems.

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