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Five Reasons Your Transmission Might Not Shift Into Gear | Seattle Subaru Service

Being stuck somewhere is never fun--and a stuck clutch is a sure way to go nowhere. Whether you're driving a vehicle with automatic transmission or manual transmission, there are many reasons it may not shift into gear. Below are five of the most common reasons.

5. Human Error

When your transmission is having a hard time shifting into gear, it's a good idea that you first make sure it's a problem with the car. Even the most savvy among us have tried to shift into drive without having the car turned on, or without having our foot on the brake.

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4. Solenoid Failure

If you drive a vehicle with an automatic transmission, it's equipped with a shift lock solenoid--a mechanism that makes it necessary for you to step on the brake in order to shift out of park. If the solenoid has failed, the car won't know that it's OK to shift. Many vehicles have an easily accessible solenoid near the shifter.

3. Bad Shift Linkage

If you've ruled out human error and a solenoid failure, the shift linkage may be the issue. The shift linkage is what it sounds like: the link between the transmission and the gear selector. Generally, this will last for a long time; however, if it gets jammed, it can stop your vehicle from shifting.

2. Clutch Problems

If you drive a Subaru with manual transmission, a stuck or stubborn clutch is yet another possible culprit. If the clutch doesn't disengage, your vehicle won't shift. Even if you do manage to get it into gear, a troublesome clutch may cause the vehicle to jolt and lurch.

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1. Low Transmission Fluid

Transmission fluid lubricates the moving parts of a manual transmission transmission, and it's an important part of how an automatic transmission functions. So, if the transmission fluid is low, there can be a variety of problems that prevent the vehicle from going into gear. If you've noticed a leak of red fluid from your vehicle, this could be why your transmission fluid is low. Be sure to have this looked at right away.

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