Benefits of Regular Subaru Service - General Maintenance Information in Seattle, WA

Regular vehicle service may sometimes seem like a bother, leaving you to wonder whether you really need to service your car or SUV--or at least, whether you really need to have it serviced as frequently as the manual recommends. The answer is yes. Having service performed on time is vitally important to your vehicle. Here are eight benefits that regular maintenance can provide.

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8. Increase Resale Value

Subaru vehicles have some of the best resale value on the market. Being able to present complete maintenance records helps you get an impressive amount of your original investment back.

7. Reduce Pollution

Subaru is dedicated to the environment, and Subaru models are designed to be as clean as possible. However, failing to keep up on maintenance could cause them to put out more harmful emissions.

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6. Decrease Unexpected Problems

If you go too long without service, your Subaru will eventually start to have problems. These could range from decreased fuel economy to total engine destruction. In addition, technicians at an authorized Subaru service centercan provide a multi-point inspection to help you catch unexpected problems that might show up later on.

5. Improve Vehicle Lifespan

Subaru models are known for their longevity. In fact, 97% of Subaru vehicles sold within the past ten years are still on the road today. If you want your Subaru to last for the long run, regular service is one of the best things you can do.

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4. Improve Vehicle Reliability

In addition to improving your vehicle's lifespan, regular automotive maintenance will improve its reliability. A long-lasting car that breaks down every couple months is hardly better than a car that only lasts a few years. Regular service helps keep things in order so that problems are less likely down the road.

3. Save You Money

Though service will cost you money, it actually lowers the cost of operation in the long run. Major malfunctions that come from poorly cared-for vehicles can cost a lot more than the maintenance that could have prevented them. That's not even mentioning the lost time that comes from sitting in a broken-down vehicle waiting for a tow.

2. Improve Vehicle Performance

Your Subaru will simply be more fun to drive when you keep up with regular service. An engine with old oil, worn-down tires, and misaligned wheels is a pain to drive (not to mention dangerous). By contrast, a freshly serviced vehicle performs better and gives you more enjoyment.

1. Keep You Safe

Ultimately, your safety is the most important thing. A vehicle that is in need of service is less safe to drive. Whether it's due to worn-out brakes, tires with low tread, or a broken timing belt leading to your vehicle dying on the highway, a poorly-maintained vehicle makes driving much more dangerous. Take your Subaru to the experts at Carter Subaru Ballard to keep yourself safer while you save time and money.

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