Why is wheel alignment important, and how do I know if the wheels are out of alignment service FAQ in Seattle, WA
Subaru wheel alignment service FAQ

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When it's properly set up, your vehicle should coast dead-straight, even if you were to let go of the steering wheel. If its alignment is badly out of whack, you'll notice that your steering wheel needs to be rotated slightly to keep the car traveling straight, and that the vehicle requires lots of work to keep centered in your lane. If your alignment is just subtly off the mark, you might not be able to detect a problem during normal use. However, a badly aligned vehicle puts excessive, uneven wear on your tires and can even strain your suspension.

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Unlike some procedures, fixing your alignment is almost impossible for an amateur to handle. Proper alignment requires ultra-accurate measurements within thousandths of an inch. An authorized Subaru service center near you has sophisticated, laser-guided tools that can measure your alignment and help restore it to factory spec. When your vehicle is properly aligned, it'll be easy to drive, your tires will last longer, your fuel efficiency will improve and your suspension won't be overstressed.

How Do I Know if my Wheels are Out Of Alignment?

Your vehicle shouldn't sway or swerve around within your lane. If it's difficult to keep driving in a straight line, that's a sign that your alignment is bad. The steering wheel should also be precisely level as you travel straight ahead. If the steering wheel must be turned slightly in order to keep your car moving straight, that's another sign of poor alignment.

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If you're unsure, here's a simple test you can perform: In a large, empty parking lot or a wide-open, straight road, get up to a moderate speed and let go of the wheel momentarily. Observe the vehicle's behavior. If the car drifts to one side, begins to swerve, or the steering wheel turns itself, you're almost certainly in need of alignment service. A properly aligned vehicle should remain perfectly straight if you let go of the steering wheel when it's at dead-center.

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You don't have to put up with driving fatigue from wrestling with your vehicle. Get the alignment fixed by the pros who know your Subaru best - at your local Subaru dealership. In West Seattle and Bellevue, Carter Subaru Ballard is your source for the best in Subaru maintenance and repair.

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