Why does my brake pedal vibrate when slowing down service FAQ in Seattle, WA
Subaru brake pedal vibration service FAQ

Why is my Subaru Vibrating Whenever I Press the Brake? Carter Subaru Ballard Answers Your Service Questions

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Is your Subaru all shake and rattle and not enough roll? You could have damaged brake rotors.

There are a number of reasons why your car might begin to vibrate, but if it only happens when you engage the brakes, that naturally tells us it's probably a brake issue. Brake rotors endure a great deal of stress and can become deformed over time. As the brake pads press against the rotors, this creates the friction that slows down your car. However, road debris can damage the rotors. Poor-quality brake pads can also damage the rotors by leaving deposits of friction material across the rotors unevenly. And if the rotors were ever-so-slightly misaligned when they were installed, they can become more and more uneven over time.

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Damage creates high and low zones on your brake rotors. As your brake pads press against the rotating rotors, they'll pass over these high and low spots. This translates to vibration which you can feel through the brake pedal and the steering wheel if it's severe enough.

Below, we'll go over your options for getting your Subaru fixed. In the meantime, drive carefully and schedule an appointment with your local Subaru dealer service department for brake rotor service.

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Do My Damaged Brake Rotors Have to be Replaced?

If your brake rotors are old enough, it'll be best to simply replace them. This is a commonplace procedure. Though brake pads are designed to be replaced more frequently, brake rotors will also need replacement if they become damaged.

That said, newer brake rotors can often be repaired rather than replaced! They can be mounted to a brake lathe and machined down, removing excess friction material and leveling off the high and low spots. Once you're left with a perfectly flat rotor surface, they'll be reinstalled and perform virtually as good as new! This is a great way to save some scratch on this service - but if your brake rotors have been worn too thin, they may not be able to be machined down any further.

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It's a common misconception that brake rotors warp due to heat. In actual fact, it's virtually impossible for the brakes on a passenger car to get so hot that they deform metal. It's far more likely that the rotors weren't installed exactly true with the rest of the wheel and brake assembly. You can rest assured that, if you experience rotor-induced vibrations, the factory-trained professionals at an authorized Subaru dealer will check to ensure your rotors and wheels are installed correctly and torqued properly to keep it from happening again.

If you think your Subaru is in need of this service, shimmy and shake your way down to the nearest authorized Subaru dealer. Right here in Seattle near Bellevue, Carter Subaru Ballard is your source for superior quality and service!

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