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How Often Should You Have the Spark Plugs Changed in Your Vehicle?

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Today, manufacturers typically equip vehicles with extended life spark plugs that are expected to last up to 100,000 miles. Spark plug replacement is a service included in regular scheduled service. To find out how long the spark plugs in your vehicle are designed to last, check your owner's manual or speak with a service adviser at your local authorized dealer. Keep in mind that older models, especially those still using copper spark plugs, may need the plugs replaced more frequently.

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Spark plugs works by emitting a spark across a precise gap. Over time, the gap can change as the electrodes on either side of the gap are worn away. In some older vehicles, the electrodes can shift and cause the gap to fall out of its specification. Low quality fuel can also reduce the life of spark plugs. Ultimately, ensuring that the spark plugs are replaced when necessary will avoid a host of other potential issues stemming from expired spark plugs.

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Thanks to advancement in engineering and materials, the modern automotive tune-up often consists of little more than the replacement of spark plugs at an interval of up to 100,000 miles. Things like distributors, long spark plug wires, and carburetors are no longer used in today's automotive manufacturing. It is still important to keep up with things like replacing belts, hoses, and filters as a part of general maintenance. However, modern computer-controlled engines generally need little more than this basic maintenance.

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In fact, if you keep up with the manufacturer's recommended maintenance, and have it performed on time by authorized technicians, you're set to enjoy a long and trouble-free life from your vehicle. While all modern vehicles are well designed and made to last, Subaru continues to be an industry leader with awards for low cost-to-own, high resale value, and exceptional safety.

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