What should I know about replacing a burned-out fuse service FAQ in Seattle, WA
Subaru replace burned-out service FAQ

Carter Subaru Ballard Service FAQs: What Should I Know About Replacing Blown Fuses in my Subaru?

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You might say that a person has "blown a fuse" when they completely lose control - but when a fuse blows on your Subaru, it's actually by design. When an electrical component malfunctions on your car, it can start to draw too much electricity. That could potentially damage any of the components on that circuit! So, special fuses rated for a specific amperage are installed on each circuit. When too much current is drawn through the circuit, the fuse blows - cutting off the flow of electricity and protecting your vehicle from damage. However, as a result, the components on that circuit will naturally stop working.

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Simply replacing the fuse might get them working again. But, if you don't have the underlying electrical problem fixed, the new fuse is likely to blow in short order just like the old one did. To properly replace a blown fuse, you'll want to have the electrical systems on your vehicle evaluated by a professional.

Can I Replace the Fuses in my Subaru Myself?

Since fuses are small, cheap and easy to replace, you might find it worth your time to simply replace the blown fuse before trying anything else. Make a note of which fuse blew out. If the replacement fuse for that slot blows again, you know you have a major electronics issue. If not, you're good to go!

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If you do decide to replace your own fuses, here are some things to know:

For one, fuses are color-coded and marked with numbers indicating the amperage of that fuse. Using a replacement fuse with the wrong amperage can cause serious problems! If the amperage is too high, the systems on that circuit could become damaged from an overflow of current! Be 100% sure that you're replacing a fuse with an identical one.

Most vehicles have two fuse boxes. They're most often located under the hood and under the dashboard - but some models have them in unexpected places. You can consult your owner's manual to find the location of your fuse boxes as well as diagrams showing which fuse connects to what systems.

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Removing a blown fuse is as easy as using the fuse puller that came with your vehicle, needle-nose pliers or tweezers. Just pull the fuse right out and examine it to make sure the element inside has melted. If it's still in tact, the fuse hasn't actually blown at all, and you'll need to get the vehicle evaluated by an expert to determine what's really gone wrong.

Finally, never work on your fuses with the engine running. To be safe, you should always turn the car off and wait until the engine is cool before popping the hood.

Whenever you experience electrical problems, large or small, bring your Subaru to your local Subaru dealer. In West Seattle and serving Mercer Island, Carter Subaru Ballard is your source for the best in Subaru maintenance and repair!

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