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Think of all the power a modern engine generates, and all the moving parts and accessories inside. When all of those components work in harmony, you get a smooth, satisfying commute! But if they aren't in sync, you aren't going anywhere - and your engine may even sustain damage. The timing belt in your Subaru is responsible for keeping all your engine's components working together as one. It's important to have it replaced before it fails! Consult your owner's manual to determine how often to change your timing belt. If you've reached your interval for a belt replacement, bring your vehicle to our service center at Carter Subaru Ballard. We'll hook you up with a new belt to keep your Subaru running like it should.

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Why Not Changing your Timing Belt is Risky

Inside many engines (including most modern SUBARU BOXER® engines), the fuel valve and piston operate inside the combustion cylinders in the same space at different times: As the piston moves down inside the cylinder, the valve opens above it to allow fuel to enter, and intrudes on the space the piston used to occupy. Then, the valve closes before the piston travels back up the cylinder. The timing belt in this type of engine - known as an interference engine - is responsible for synchronizing this process, so it can happen over and over again multiple times per second in every single cylinder. If the timing belt fails while the engine is operating, your fuel valves and pistons will come out of sync and are likely to destroy one another! That's why it's so critical that you have your timing belt replaced before it fails on its own.

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No matter what your maintenance issue, we've got a friendly and experienced team that can help you get it fixed--and get it fixed right--at a price you'll be pleased with. When it's time for regular maintenance or an emergency repair, visit the pros at the Carter Subaru Ballard Service Center! Schedule your next appointment online, give us a call to speak to a service expert, or stop by without an appointment at 5201 Leary Ave. NW, Seattle, WA 98107.

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Thanks to Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive technology and award-winning safety and durability, it's little wonder why Subaru is one of the most popular automakers in the Pacific Northwest. At Carter Subaru Ballard, we're your partners in the care and maintenance of your Subaru. Unlike the mechanics at neighborhood garages and nationwide service chains, our technicians are factory-trained experts in all things Subaru. When it comes to Subaru, we've seen it all, so bring your Subaru to the pros at Carter Subaru Ballard. With our huge inventory of OEM Subaru parts and knowledgeable service techs, we can get your repair done right the first time, and often faster than the other guys!

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